Fruit Purée & Powder Production Plant

The fruit is heated with mild pulping technology, and the quality of the pulp is controlled by rapid cooling, which will not destroy the flavor and nutrition of the fruit itself, and make the flavor of the fruit more fragrant and concentrated, locking every drop of fruit essence.

Pearl Boba & Toppings Production Plant

Exploring the ancient method of making rounds, combining the advantages of hand-making with modern technology, not only to create chewy pearl products, but also to improve the time limit of ice products, and continue to think creatively to develop new flavors, so that pearls can be covered with colorful colors.

Fruit Processing Plant (Frozen Fruit & Juice Processing)

Dream Field uses the rapid freezing technology to preserve the delicious taste of the products, and can control the microorganisms and prolong the preservation time of the products. It will not affect the original taste after heating and reprocessing, which is very important to maintain the best quality of the drink products for export.