Compared to other barista training methods, Italian Barista Method has its focus on the real needs of the barista: be able to prepare the required recipes with efficiency, speed and self confidence, be able to offer the best quality in the shortest time, for the interest of the coffee shop and for the satisfaction of the clients.

In practice, being certified Italian Barista Method Advanced really means indeed be able to work in a coffee shop with the best theoretical but mainly practical preparation!

In addition, one of Italian Barista Method’s mission is to get back the original recipes of the tradition and history of espresso. From bicerin to cortado to espresso shakerato.

Also, with IBM we can recuperate the taste given by the first espresso machines of the 1910s. In short, be an IBM certified barista means being a updated barista with a broad knowledge of coffee: in skills, tradition and recipes from all over the world!


Why to become an Italian Barista Method certified barista?

  • Because you will focalize your preparation in the real skills of the barista: efficiency, self confidence, speed!
  • Because you will become able to prepare all the recipes espresso based, from Cortado to flat white to caffè shakerato.
  • Because you will become able to prepare the best espresso-menu for every location and every target!
  • Because you will have the possibility to crown yourself as the fastest barista of your country in the “Barista Time Trial” taking part to international competitions.
  • Because you will have the chance to train yourself with the methods of the Italian school Espresso Academy, but not bearing the costs of flight and accommodation in Italy, and without every problem of bureaucracy.